hello, Saturday

Reasons Today Does Not Suck:

–I woke up and it was sunny. I’ve been in this apartment since last July, and I still get excited that I can wake up to natural light (unlike my former apartment which, though I loved it, was a dark basement).

–During my typical Saturday perusal of my favorite nostalgia/Babysitters Club/YA lit blogs, I discovered that the prequel came out on April 1st, so I went to Amazon and snatched that right up.

–I ran into a friend, sort of, in the grocery store. See, I live above a grocery store, and it turns out a guy from high school lives in my building. In 9th grade, when I dated the male cheerleader, he was the male cheerleader’s best friend. We pretty much haven’t spoken since I was in 9th grade (they were seniors and graduated soon after Male Cheerleader dumped my sad little freshman self), but recently discovered we live in the same place. So this morning we had one of those awkward sweatpants-clad-morning-grocery-shopping encounters.

–The aforementioned sweatpants are still awesome, by the way. I bought them in Westport a couple weeks ago when my friends and I went, and I never want to take them off.

–I’m listening to Pandora – William Fitzsimmons radio, to be exact – and suddenly, I’m like, “Oh, what is this song? I’ve never heard it,” and I look, and it’s ROBERT PATTINSON. Really? REALLY?

–I’m rejoining the living, or something. I unloaded the dishwasher! I bought paper towels! I made coffee! Baby steps, people.

(But really, can I just say it makes a world of difference knowing there are other people out there. I discovered tons of BRCA-related blogs last night, and just knowing other people get it and haven’t completely lost their minds… it’s kind of amazing.)


2 thoughts on “hello, Saturday

  1. I’m so glad that you’re feeling better. Also, a prequel to BSC? AMAZING. And I love William Fitzsimmons so so so much.

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