This is the best thing I’ve read in ages.

This is going to be a long-ass road. If I hear one more “just go get checked a lot!” I’m going to freaking scream. I WISH it were that easy. I wish it were that easy FOR ME.

But it’s an impossible choice. “Getting checked a lot” means, quite literally, waiting to get cancer so you can combat it – with radiation and chemo and a mastectomy. The alternative is a mastectomy before cancer, instead – without chemo, without being sick, without inviting cancer into my body. And, as it turns out, I hear radiated skin is incredibly difficult to work with, making the reconstructed breasts look less normal and natural than if you did it before getting cancer.

Almost 90%, folks. This is the other best thing I’ve read lately. It sums up my thoughts quite well. If your plane had an 87% chance of crashing, would you get on it? If you had an 87% chance of crashing your car if you drove right now, would you do it?

Maybe you would. But I wouldn’t.

Radical? Maybe. Drastic? Maybe. But the alternative is living my life in fear. Every single day. Just waiting. Risking. Worrying.

It won’t be tomorrow. It won’t be in six months. But, when I get to a point where I am 100% comfortable with this, when I’m not sad and scared and horrified about the turn my life has taken, it will happen. For me, there is no other option. I can’t spend my time just waiting until, hopefully, there someday is.

[Also, I’m pretty excited about this article, even though it’s old. I’m tempted to post it to my Facebook, along with the “ten things” list I shared… but I’m not really sure I’m ready for that. While there are people in my life I really NEED to see these things, there are just as many who don’t need to know the details of my medical life, or who I fear would think me crazy. Sigh.]


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  1. Hi there! I’m so glad you found my blog and were comforted by that post. When I wrote that last October, I had no idea how much it would resonate, but I’m humbled that BRCA babes keep finding it and keeping nodding, crying, and laughing in agreement. Thanks for following along on my journey, and I’ll definitely be following along on yours. If you ever want to talk, just drop a line.


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