glimmers of hope, maybe

I know, two posts in one night? What is this?

I just had to say that, in the past month and a half, I’ve talked to a multitude of BRCA+ women, all absolutely fantastic. That said, there are certain people – just like in normal life – I relate to more than others. Most noteworthy is my amazing PinkPal, who is my long-lost soulmate best friend and, unfortunately, doesn’t blog, but if she did it would be all sorts of hilarity and good times.

However, I just spent some time perusing back entries of Goodbye to Boobs, and I just have to say… on the off chance anyone out there is beginning – or, hell, in the middle of – their own BRCA journey, GO READ IT. It’s one of the more honest, real BRCA blogs I’ve come across. I like people who keep it real.

I’m a crazyperson, we know this, but I just sat there reading and crying (“How did you spend your evening?” “Oh, you know, reading blogs and crying on my couch…”), and thinking that this is what I hope to accomplish. If there is, someday, someone else in my position who finds themselves reading this blog, I want to give them that same hope. I want to give them the knowledge that it IS scary and it DOES suck and it’s 100% okay to feel that, even if not enough people admit those feelings freely. And I want to be living proof that it will be okay, eventually – better than okay, even, and not some depressing shadow of a former life.

I mean, I have to actually get there first. And it’s a road I really don’t want to be traveling, but every so often I do get a tiny glimpse of hope that maybe I’ll get through it. Hopefully.


One thought on “glimmers of hope, maybe

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you’re finding my blog helpful. Please, drop me a line any time you need to chat. I promise to keep it real, always šŸ˜‰

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