…and I’m back in the game!

I hate being sick, and boy howdy, have I been sick. Just a cold, really, but one of those miserable colds that go from sore throat to blowing your nose with an entire roll of toilet paper in a day and a half (being too lazy to buy tissues? Not a good habit) to being so sick you want to die to sinus headache from hell and slowly, gradually back into normalcy.

It started when I visited my parents last Sunday, partially to celebrate my birthday and partially to stay with them for a few days while my car was in the shop (it’s great having parents that live nearby and are willing to chauffeur you to work, but not so great when they make you live with them temporarily in order to get those rides). I discovered a couple days into my stay that my dad was recovering from a “mild cold.” On the way to work Tuesday morning, I lamented my annoying yet not-very-terrible allergies, and jinxed myself with an “I hope I’m not getting your cold!” to which my dad responded, “Well, you’ll know, because it starts with a sore throat.”

The very next day, I woke up with a sore throat. I bought Zicam on my way to work. I drank water like it was going out of style. I went to bed early. All of this, to no avail.

Suffice it to say the past week has sucked. I spent Wednesday and Thursday battling a sore throat and trying not to get sicker. I left work at 10am Friday to work from home/lie on my couch dying. I slept most of Saturday, with the exception of heading downtown with my mom to pick up our shirts for Race for the Cure. On Sunday, I walked a 5k, lamenting the fact that I’d hoped to run. Monday was a struggle to get through the work day, but I made it – barely, and on Tuesday I was out and about on a job shadow. I thought I was feeling better, but yesterday the sinus headache and exhaustion led me to leave work at 3; I never, ever miss work or call in sick and I’ve left work twice in the past week.

My point, however (other than whining about the injustice of being sick in freaking June), is that today is the first day I’ve felt almost better. I still have a headache – the kind that pulsates every time I freaking take a step and my foot hits the ground – but Tylenol Sinus seems to work wonders, and this cold may have finally run its course. THANK GOD AND BABY JESUS AND ALL THINGS HOLY.

Sadly, I do seem to have gotten the boy sick, about which I feel terrible – but I did warn him! Meanwhile, I’m pleased as punch to be semi-healthy again, and vowing – as usual – to pick up this blogging thing. And clean my apartment and put away my laundry and all the things I was too sick/lazy for the past week…

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