sundays are for lovin’

Things I’m in love with today:

  • Special K Fruit & Yogurt (this is an old love, but we’ve recently reconnected after a recent craving for cereal)
  • Fences. I saw them play live at a bar recently and ended up downloading their EP not long after. They remind me of summer nights and long drives and the girl I was in high school (and I mean that in the best way).
  • Lily Burana’s I Love a Man in Uniform. I’m only about halfway through, but it’s one of those books that make me feel much less alone. I’m not exactly a “former punk rocker who once had a penchant for anarchist politics and purple hair dye” as Lily Burana is described on her website, but I do feel like one of the last people you’d expect to end up in a military relationship, yet here I am. It’s nice knowing there are others out there like me who don’t exactly “fit the mold,” so to speak.
  • The Welcome Home Blog. Just… oh my GOD. I’ve spent an hour this morning watching and bawling. Not the most productive Sunday morning I’ve ever had, but well worth it. Especially the dog ones. Excited puppy win!
  • Relaxing Sundays with nothing on the agenda except cleaning, maybe a little Trader Joe-ing, and catching up on DVR/Netflix. Of course, lazy Sundays are even better after a productive weekend of bonfires, oil changes, eye doctor appointments, brake repair, and coffee dates and wine dates with some of my favorite people.
  • The best part of today? A certain boy I love is slowly making his way to me. Permanently (I mean, as permanent as the military will let it be, you know?). Way, way too exciting!

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