one of those update posts

Wow, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Somehow my life has gotten SO busy that I quite literally don’t have time for the internet. I know, who ever thought that would happen?! Between work and exercise and relationships and events, I’m constantly running around, always exhausted, but pretty happy.

So let’s see – what’s new, exactly?

Exercise: I’ve recently jumped back in. I decided to put running on hold for a while – because, let’s be real: I was only doing it because I felt like I “should” (and out of hope that it would be “my thing,” which I’ll write about another time), and because I didn’t love it, I kept NOT doing it, and thus not exercising at all) – in favor of the elliptical and various exercise classes. A boot camp class just opened up near my work and was exactly what I’m looking for so I’ve signed up for a few more classes. I also recently took a class in the Barre Method, which I honestly didn’t love. It caused me to realize the kind of exercise I like: the kind that makes me sweaty and sore and is just flat-out exercise. None of these push-ups onto a ballet barre – give me the real kind, NOT on my knees, on the ground. None of this ab work while trying to balance on a ball, because I focus too much on not falling off the ball and I focus too little on my ab muscles. So on and so forth. It made me realize why I loved the boot camp so much – it actually gave me an idea of what muscle failure is like, how high my limits really are, and how much my body is capable of. Being sore for days afterward was great, too, because I felt like I’d really worked my muscles and was really working to change my body. This week, it’s going a little something like this: cardio yesterday at lunch, a strength-building class todayat lunch (same instructor as the boot camp, so it was a little intense), boot camp tomorrow night, the strength-building class again on Thursday, my makeup of Intro to Aerials Thursday night, and cardio Friday at lunch. I’m taking the weekend off!

Work: Without going into too much detail, we’re wrapping up a HUGE project we’ve spent a ton of time on the past few months, and it feels amazing! It’s such a good feeling to know that something huge is happening because of your efforts, and that you’ve achieved something that first seemed impossible.

The Boy: Now that we’re in a not-so-long-distance relationship, things are good. It’s hard sometimes with him living an hour away; I expect to see him a lot more often than what is actually feasible for us, and sometimes it stresses me out when I don’t see him as much as I’d like. I’ve also been spending an ungodly amount of time fretting about and dreading the future-not-yet-on-the-calendar deployment. We all know it’ll happen, and even if it is a year away, it’s already scaring the crap out of me. In happier news, he turns twenty-four (yes, I’m a bit of a cradle-robber) this weekend. I think I did pretty well in my gift selection, for once, and I’m excited to shower him with presents and spend the weekend with him. He also met my family a few weekends ago,

Big Huge Life Events: LOTS of weddings lately! I attended the wedding of a good friend in August (where I somehow accidentally matched my dress to the bridesmaids’ dresses), and this past weekend I ventured to Salt Lake City for the wedding of one of my study-abroad roommates. It was laid-back, simple wedding in the beautiful mountains of Utah and I’m really glad my other girlfriend and I were able to attend. Next month is the post-wedding reception (the wedding is out of state, so they’re holding a local reception) of a coworker, and it promises to be a good time. It’s also the first time I’ll be introducing the boy to my coworkers. They’re kind of like my second family but there are a lot more of them, so it’s almost more nerve-wracking than introducing him to my actual family!

That’s… about it, really! I have a few BRCA-related thoughts to share shortly as well as a few other things I’ve been thinking about, but this is about as good of an update as I’m going to throw out there for now. I’m trying to be around more, I promise!


2 thoughts on “one of those update posts

  1. you’re not allowed to complain about him being an hour away because that’s how far away I was and I still drove to see you. CEREBELLUMED!!

  2. I was wondering where you went!

    At least you’ve been keeping up on working out, I’ve really dropped the ball (the kettle ball?). My only exercising is lots of walking, aerials, and the occasional yoga class. Oops! I have been making sure to stretch pretty often though, I want to be able to do the splits asap. Glad to see you back!

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