life lessons from reality tv?

I’m so stressed out about my life falling apart and money and all those horrible things twenty-somethings stress about in terrible economies, and then I watch TV. And I see Amber on the Teen Mom after-season tell-all saying “I just have no motivation” when asked about finishing her education (aka her GED). And Catelynn’s mother, who clearly needs to go through a rehabilitation program and has no education and (as far as I know) no job, and I realize a couple things:

1. Some people are struggling a LOT worse than I probably ever will be. Bad things can happen to anyone, but I do have certain foundations in my life that will never change, and that will always help me avoid hitting bottom, or at least avoid the bottom you can’t recover from.

2. Some people have made CHOICES to be a lot worse-off than I am. I have the motivation I need. I have the intelligence and the drive and while I don’t have many abilities, I’m still a (mostly) capable person. I’m a thoughtful person, I’m a decent person, I’m a resilient person even if I never believe it until after the fact.

3. I will be fine. I just need to keep repeating this to myself. I will be fine. I will be fine. I will be fine.

One thought on “life lessons from reality tv?

  1. Oh you’ll definitely be fine! It’s definitely sad to see someone not live up to their potential and make choices that put them in bad spots. But from I know of you, you’re not one of those people. 😉

    I hear you though, being a 20-something is really stressful. My husband and I have a lot of school debt and it’s really overwhelming sometimes. But I know we’ll be fine.

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