blogging is hard, no one reads, and I am whiny.


That’s not even a question. Like, really. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM. And why have I become one of those bloggers with the ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME.


But seriously. It’s stressing me out. I have, like, two readers a day – and with the amount of blogs I read on a given day, I really should be commenting and forming relationships and getting readers. Of course, to have readers, I also need to be writing something of substance. Eff.

It’s just this ongoing and ridiculous writers’ block. I’m too afraid to try and write something and have it suck and be embarrassing, so instead I just… don’t.

However. I think I’m forcing myself to come up with at least part of a solution – I’m going to start tackling this list, or at least using the prompts to come up with something to write.

Getting people to read it, however, is going to pose more of a problem. The blog world, it confounds me and I don’t know why.

11 thoughts on “blogging is hard, no one reads, and I am whiny.

  1. Another great way to grow readership is to write articles about just-happened current events. Comments on a tragedy, a scandal, a newly released gadget will show up in search results and bring you hits.

    • You’re right. I think I just underestimate my ability to, I don’t know… have valid opinions or something? I should work on that.

      Also – how are you?!

  2. If I blogged with the main goal of having readers and getting comments, I would have stopped a long time ago. I blog because it helps me. I hope that others do get something out of it, but at least it helps me. I try and stay true to myself by putting down my real feelings and trying not to be concerned what others might think if they read it. I guess I don’t consider myself as a writer so I don’t care if my writing sucks.

    Some blogs I read get tons of comments because they ask a lot of questions of their readers to try and draw out their opinions. That might be something you could try. And like you stated, if you’re not commenting on other blogs you will likely not get as many people commenting on yours.

  3. HA!

    i bet you have more readers than you think!

    i subscribe to your blog, so it comes directly to my email box…so you wouldn’t get any hits on your status counter to let you know that i am here:) keep writing! i look forward to your blogs and writing style.


  4. Don’t worry about readers, it can really mess you up in the blogger brain. And don’t worry about what people think either, people read blogs for information, camaraderie, and to read about other’s lives. Just post often, vent, praise, or what have you.

    I also really love that list you linked to, I may borrow the idea myself. I’ve been in a rut lately.

  5. Found your blog through 20SB and I can definitely relate.

    Beginning of January, I committed to posting every day for the month. The month isn’t done yet, but I’ve gotten over my writer’s block, the need to always write for others, and I’ve started to really enjoy blogging.

    I’ve also committed to finding new blogs every day to comment on and leave something worth while on. It’s increased the readers numbers a lot.

    Best of luck! It gets easier, I promise. 🙂


    • I’m trying to commit to posting more, as well – and stop lurking so much. I read a TON of blogs but I suck at making the time to comment, so I’m working on that, too.

      I’m enjoying your blog so far!

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