the return of c25k

I have officially started Couch to 5K again. As you may recall, I did this about a year ago until around week 7. I took a week off to rest (for some reason I was exceptionally tired) and then my BRCA results came back and I spent a month and a half lying around and crying – not very conducive to running, let’s be real. After getting so far off track, I could never get back into it and didn’t want to start over… until now.

I’m trying to be on the fitness bandwagon for real, and I’m already bored of the elliptical. I don’t feel like I get as much out of it as I want to, and in an ideal world I’d like to be the kind of person who “goes for a run” and enjoys it. I want to be a runner, but I’m naturally, well, not. This is me trying again to make it happen, armed with my C25K phone app to help things along.

I do have to report that today was much easier than Day 1 Week 1 last time. Granted, I’m more in shape this time around – I do use the elliptical as well as attend a conditioning class once or twice a week pretty regularly. Today’s run/walk took place on my lunch break (oh, how I love having a gym across from my office!) and was the perfect workout .You know the type – you feel like you’re getting a workout, but you don’t feel like you’re about to keel over and die. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

What I’m hoping for is a five-day-a-week workout schedule, looking something like the following:

Monday: C25K
Tuesday: conditioning class during my lunch break
Wednesday: C25K
Thursday: conditioning class during my lunch break
Friday: C25K

If I can’t make it to both lunchtime classes, I’m okay with skipping one as long as I hit the other one that week. You’ll notice I strategically avoided weekends; this is partially because I never want to work out on the weekend, and also because it gives me a bit of a cushion. If I totally suck during the week and skip a few running sessions, I can pick up the slack on the weekend instead.

Now, I know it’s only Day 1 and all… but how seriously do I want to take this? There’s a race in March, the St. Patty’s Day Dash, that I’m toying with running. The problem? It’s not a 5K. It’s actually what amounts to something like a 6K – 3.75 miles. This will be the beginning of Week 9 of C25K, so technically I won’t even be able to run a 5K, let alone a 6K. Sort of daunting, right? So we’ll see. If I can get the boyfriend to do it with me, I might go for it – it never hurts to have something to work up to, especially when that thing is a race that gives you beer afterwards!


5 thoughts on “the return of c25k

  1. woo hoo!

    i love this post!

    i am going to join you on this running quest. it has been one of my new years resolutions. i just have to load up my itunes card so i can pay for the app…and i don’t know if running in -20 degree weather is the optimal time to start running. i will see if there is an indoor track at my university or start on a treadmill.

    • Yes! Run with me! 🙂 I am definitely starting on a treadmill, because although it’s warm enough here to run (it’s in the 40s-50s Fahrenheit), I don’t get home from work until it’s dark and I’m not comfortable running outside alone. I think most universities have a fitness center with a track, though, so that could work for you, too. 🙂

  2. A 6k that ends with beer? That’s worth the extra 1k. I’ve only done a few 5ks and managed to get through them all by walking a little. If you can walk that far, wouldn’t hurt to sign up for it. I find that signing up for something makes me go out there and train at least a little.

  3. I’ve done C25k before…I got to about Week 6 and had to quit because of core biopsies, excisional biopsies, etc. I’ve tried to start up again but am not really consistent. I’m at the gym 5 days a week so I don’t feel too bad 🙂 I ran in Race for the Cure and another 5k so I quite proud of myself. I like to run but Zumba is my baby 🙂

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