a nice Monday surprise

I’ve never been the most, well, domestic person. People like to solve that problem, often by buying me things like cookbooks and plants. I won’t lie, I love gifts, I love cookbooks, and I’ve been priding myself on keeping my plants alive the past few years.

I currently have five: my bamboo from IKEA, a spider plant I’ve had since college (but which came from a spider plant my parents have had since college), two little tree-looking plants my ex bought me from a plant sale before he was my ex, and what I now realize is a magical plant.

See, I got this plant in May of 2008. My boss at the time, in an effort to further domesticate me and break me of my habit of killing living things, bought me a plant for my birthday. She put it in a pretty purple pot and it lived on my desk until I quit that job. From then on, it’s lived in my various apartments.

I was never really sure what it was, and sometimes I worried that I was over-watering it. I didn’t know how to properly care for this strange plant that didn’t seem to grow… yet didn’t die, either.

Well, a couple weeks ago I noticed some of the leaves had little buds on them, like this:


(Sorry for the blurriness; I took this with my phone.)

I figured it was starting to flower – which was shocking, because I had no idea this was a flowering plant! – and this evening when I finally got home after spending the weekend with my parents and the day at work, I realized the flowering had continued.


I got a closer look and was really, really excited about what I saw:


I don’t know what it is, but it sure is pretty! Now I’m just left trying to figure out what it is, why it took three years to flower, and how long the pretty flowers are going to last.


2 thoughts on “a nice Monday surprise

  1. It’s a Christmas Cactus!!! They typically bloom anywhere from November to February, so they are called Christmas cactus since they’re usually in bloom during the holidays. Sometimes they take a while to bloom, but it should start blooming every year now (but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t, sometimes they skip a year).

    I love my house plants. I seriously have a damn forest growing in my apartment. 🙂

  2. Hi there! I found you on 20sb. I’m pretty domestic with cooking, but boy can I kill plants like its my job… I killed off some hardy marigolds even one year…
    so what I’m trying to say is, well done!

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