Monday love

I’m tired. Because I don’t have the energy to write anything of substance, I’ve decided to share a list of things that are currently making me happy.

Massages. Nothing gets me through a long Monday better than knowing I have a massage appointment after work. I’m incredibly thankful that my insurance covers massage.

[credit to dMap Travel Guide]

Pretty Little Liars. Yep, I never said I had good taste in TV. I read the book series over the summer/fall, and because I thrive on novels written for teenagers, I was quickly addicted. I hadn’t watched the show when it first aired, but managed to DVR all of the episodes when it came back on in January. And now I can’t stop. It’s another thing that makes me happy on Mondays (you can never have too many of those!).


SweetTarts Hearts. It’s disturbing how much I love these. I bought a bag when I was sixteen and have since turned it into somewhat of a Valentine’s Day tradition. I’ll buy them in January or February and eat them until they’re gone…but they’re just a once-a-year treat. And yeah, they make me even more scared for my upcoming dentist appointment. Excess sugar probably doesn’t prevent cavities!


Running. Seriously. Today was Week 3 Day 1 of Couch to 5K, and I was hesitant to run after having some shin pain the past few days. I sucked it up and the pain was very minimal (clearly not actually shin splints like I thought), and it was a really good run. Day 1 of Week 3 involves the typical five-minute warm-up walk, then 90 minutes of running, 90 minutes of walking, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking, and then a repeat of the running and walking. When I finished, I realized I wasn’t that tired – so I walked a bit, ran another 3 minutes, walked a bit, and ran another 3 minutes. By that point, I was about to die… but I’m really proud of myself for going the extra mile and enjoying today’s run. So far Couch to 5 is a LOT easier this time around and I’m loving that.

[credit to lululemon athletica]

I think that’s enough love for one day. I need to spend the rest of the evening watching the trainwreck that is The Bachelor (again with the terrible taste!) and shaking my head about how pathetic people are.

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