I made cookies!

I had – and still have, really – no idea what to do for M. for Valentine’s Day. Neither of us cares much about it, but it’s nice to do something, and he’s impossible to shop for. Today I decided to try and bake him some cookies. My mom had made some for her bunco group last week, and M. kept eating the ones I brought home, so I thought he might like to have cookies of his very own!

Now, I am not a baker. Like, I’ve never baked anything in my entire life. It’s always seemed like way too much work; mixing dough by hand seemed like too much of a workout for me, especially with the added joy of getting flour all over the place. But because I am such a loving girlfriend (and really had nothing else to do with my Sunday), I Googled “easy chocolate chip recipes” and found this recipe.

I gathered my supplies (most of which I actually had on hand already, which is shocking for a non-baker like me):


And then I started mixing:


Yes, it was quite difficult. I’m not used to having to use arm strength to mix huge piles of dough with a wooden spoon. Whine, whine.

Eventually, I added chocolate chips and it looked like this! Success!


At this point, I was starting to worry that I’d put them in the oven and they’d come out terribly. I don’t know what exactly I expected to go wrong, but usually I find a way to mess things up without realizing it. I’d done okay so far, and putting a tray in the oven for 8-10 minutes isn’t all that hard, so I was hopeful they’d turn out okay.


(Taking pictures in the oven doesn’t result in a great photo.)

When I took out the first batch, I was pretty darn excited. I’d actually created cookies! From scratch! Without messing them up (or somehow burning myself or spilling things)! The recipe made a tonof cookies – somewhere around three dozen.


The prettiest things in the world? No, but pretty successful for my first try!


The boyfriend is getting most of them tomorrow, but I don’t think I can keep myself from eating a few more before that. He doesn’t need 36 cookies, anyway. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I made cookies!

  1. Those look yummy! Drop cookies aren’t meant to be pretty, they’re meant to be easy and delicious! I hated the process of baking cookies (loved the product, though) before I got my stand mixer. Now I just measure out my next ingredients while the mixer does all the hard work for me. It’s probably one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received.

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