a really exciting post on the origins of my blog’s name

Teri recently asked me what the deal is with my blog title, which made me realize other people are probably wondering as well. I figured I’d make a post about it in case anyone was interested.

Interesting that this is following my crazy Italy post, but my title originated because of my love of all things Italian. When I created a public blog, I had no idea what to call it. Creativity is not just “not my strong point,” it’s, like, the weakest thing about me ever. I knew I wanted something interesting and unusual but I couldn’t figure out what. Since I had no idea what the “theme” of my blog would even be (and let’s be real, I still don’t!), it was even harder to settle on a name.

I Googled Italian quotes and proverbs to get ideas, and I found one I liked: O mangiar questa minestra o saltar questa fine. It literally means either eat this soup or jump out of this window, but proverbially it means “take it or leave it.”

I went with it because it was entertaining, catchy, and weird, but also because I appreciate the sentiment. “Take it or leave it” is something I have to remind myself a lot. You know… in the sense of “this is how it is, deal with it or don’t.” For example, knowing I have one of the BRCA mutations sucks, yes. But I can take it or leave it – I can appreciate the knowledge for what it is and do what I can to save my own life, or I can bury my head in the sand and ignore it, but have a lot of consequences in the end.

I can embrace the life I have, all of its issues and craziness, and get as much out of it as I can… or I can spend all my time wishing things were different without actually making any changes, and thus not get anything out of what I actually have. Take it or leave it, right?

It seemed fitting at the time in terms of being a twenty-something trying to figure life out. I was in a place of really wishing I had a different life instead of being content with what I’ve been given. I needed to learn to take it or leave it (and of course, in most cases in my life, “take it” is the better choice!). It made even more sense once I went through all the BRCA nonsense.

So there we have it! I wasn’t sure about it at first but it’s ended up being a title I like quite a bit.

4 thoughts on “a really exciting post on the origins of my blog’s name

  1. I’ve been wondering about your blog title! Seemed strange at first but now I get it! Your adventure’s traveling sounds fun, even through the annoying questura. Those events make for great memories though!

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