nothing of interest

I have nothing of interest to say, but there are lots of things making me happy today, so you can have a list in lieu of an actual post about anything important.

  • It’s SUNNY! That’s a miracle in Seattle, especially since it’s only March. It’s also warm. My phone says it’s 48 degrees, but I suspect it’s a little warmer. I ran downstairs to the grocery store (yes, I live above a grocery store, and yes, it’s awesome) in flip-flops and it was fantastically comfortable outside.
  • My grande iced skinny vanilla latte from the Starbucks that now exists in the aforementioned grocery store.
  • Productivity! The thing with me is that while I hate actually being productive, I love the aftermath. I revel in the feeling of having put away all my laundry and having backed up my hard drive and having cleaned my kitchen.
  • Seeing the boy today! One of the perks (HA) of the military is that I have had the past few weeks to myself while M. went to some Army training or other during the week. I’ve only been able to see him on Saturdays & Sundays, but today is of course Saturday (Sunday comes afterwaaaaards) so he’ll be heading up at some point.
  • Looking forward to a good night with good friends. I whine a lot about not having a real “group of friends” that can just call each other up on a weekend and say “Hey, what should we do tonight?” But the truth is, I really do have a pretty awesome group of friends… we just aren’t quite the type to call with short notice so a lot of times my weekends are pretty lame. Tonight, however, we’re going out and I’m pretty excited about good beer & good friends.
  • Tomorrow my mom and I are going to a screening of In the Family. I’ve seen it, but this screening is part of a local film festival and includes a panel discussion with the filmmaker, some of the women profiled in the film, and I believe one of the doctors. It should be interesting and I’ll probably write about it in a future post.
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