blogging identity crisis?

I kind of want to start writing a weekly job-hunting/career-focused post, but I don’t really know how to execute that. I obviously don’t want to write specifics about my work life, and because I’m in recruiting and therefore the business of getting people jobs, it’s hard to keep my daily work life OUT of a post about jobs.

But I just cannot even tell you the mistakes I see people make, and the truth of the matter is, even if I quit my job today and never recruited again in my life, I’m always going to be fascinated by corporate culture and job seeking and resumes. It’s just one of my weird little quirky interests (can’t I be interested in normal-people things like sports?!).

As a twenty-something, I’ve somehow ended up fairly well-versed in the career world. I mean, it isn’t like I’m years and years beyond my age group in terms of my actual job or anything, but I’ve been working since my junior year of high school (and babysitting before that) and I know how to get a job. I may not know everything about how to get your dream job in a crap economy, but I know how to interview. I know how to write a resume (and more importantly, I know how NOT to write a resume). I know that there are certain things you should – and shouldn’t – say in an interview/cover letter/email/conversation with the receptionist/whatever.

So I think I’m going to do it. It probably won’t be earth shattering, but there are a lot of moments when I think “Wow, so-and-so really didn’t know about LinkedIn,” or “wow, my friend really had no idea that a generic form letter is just a generic form letter.” In an age where people’s parents accompany them to job interviews (no, really), I’m starting to think some of us need all the help we can get!

And thus, Job Seeker Saturday was born. (I’m terribly uncreative, I’m sorry.) I’ll have a very exciting (ha!) post up for you tomorrow. I’m sure most people who actually read my blog will be bored by it (this is under no pretenses a career blog), but I find all of this quite fascinating and hey, maybe it’ll give me a reason to actually write more often!

One thought on “blogging identity crisis?

  1. That sounds like a fun feature, I would totally enjoy reading it. I think as long as you change details enough so that no one would be able to figure out it was them your job won’t have a problem with it, should they ever find your site.

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