Job Seeker Saturday (2)

So this is stupid and shouldn’t really warrant an actual blog post, but after the week I’ve had? It’s fitting, and it’s important, and even though I’m sure everyone I communicate with through this blog already knows this, I just hope someday, someone stumbles upon this post right here and learns something.

If you schedule an interview, GO TO IT.

No, really. Show up. And if you have a sudden realization that it’s not the job for you/the pay is too low/the company is falling apart/etc. or you have a family emergency or health issue, that’s all completely understandable… but it’s NOT a free pass to blow off the meeting. It is always, always appropriate to throw out a phone call or email to let the recruiter or interviewer know.

People schedule time specifically to talk with you, and just like you (hopefully) wouldn’t blow off a dinner date with a friend or partner or an appointment with your doctor/lawyer/therapist, you probably shouldn’t do it with an interview, either.

The economy (still) sucks. You may not want this job, but someone out there does. Don’t waste the time that person could be interviewing for a position and don’t waste your interviewer’s time. It’s just common courtesy.

(As a side note, I suspect that some people either have an issue they assume no one can fix (they want more pay, they realize they don’t want a new job for two months), or they have a legitimate family emergency or get lost and think “Well they’ll never reschedule me, I just won’t call.” I’ve NEVER seen a situation where the company wasn’t willing to at least hear someone out. We want to hire you just as much as you may want a job – if something is going on, say something so we can work through it. We can reschedule. My desire to reschedule goes into the negative once someone just doesn’t call or show up.)

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