Wine & Love

Nora, whose blog I follow & who probably has no idea who I am, has started doing this fun weekly post, Wine and Love. The idea is to talk about the things that have you reaching for the wine glass and the things you’re loving.

Craving wine because…
–I’ve been incredibly busy at work this week. It isn’t the worst thing because it’s great to be busy at work and feel productive, but I AM GOING INSANE. I have expectations of myself that are way too high, and even though no one else is holding me to those, I can’t help but stress out when I’m not meeting my own (100% unrealistic) expectations.

–I found another gray hair. I have this one gray hair that always grows in one part of my head; I tear it out, it comes back (and no, it does NOT multiply when I rip it out – it’s not true that gray hairs grow back more and more when you get rid of them). I don’t dye my hair – never have – so I’m not in a hurry to start dealing with that… but I don’t want to like 80, either.

–I haven’t worked out at all this week. Oops. I blame the busy times at work… I actually find myself missing exercise quite a bit, but next week is shaping up to be just as busy.

–This weather sucks.

Things I’m loving…
–Going on vacation! M. and I are going on a weekend trip (well, a long weekend). It’s the first time I’ll ever get on an airplane with a significant other (P.S. I’m terrified of flying… send good thoughts that I don’t drive him totally crazy), and the first time M. and I have really gone away together.

–My coworkers’ willingness to help me out while I’m out of the office for a couple days. I have a hard time asking for an accepting help, but it’s very much appreciated.

–Sloooowly paying off my debt to my parents. A few years ago when I studied abroad, I had a choice between taking out an actual loan or borrowing from my brothers’ college funds, interest-free. I went with the latter, so I’m paying back into it for the next, well, MANY years. As of today, I’m roughly 17% done paying it. I only started seriously paying into it a year or so ago, so I feel like I’m making progress!

–I got to spend most of last weekend with my family, which includes my dog. I have no interest whatsoever in owning a dog or having one live with me full-time right now, but I miss her incredibly when I don’t see her for awhile. She’s my baby, and yes, you can have a picture.


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