Ten on Tuesday

I didn’t even realize today was Tuesday until a couple hours ago. I’d been on vacation until yesterday, so today was my first day at work… meaning it felt a LOT like Monday (and not in a good way, especially since I’m coming down with a cold of some sort). Suddenly I realized it’s Tuesday and the first thought after that was “Hey! Ten on Tuesday!” So, without further ado (and thanks to Chelsea), here we go.

1. How many blogs do you read every day and what are they? (I’m talking the ones you NEVER miss)
I’m not really sure how to answer this. There’s no blog I HAVE to read Every. Single. Day. Most days I read a lot of what’s in my Google Reader… but I’m not above skimming or marking all as read if there’s just too much. I don’t think there are any blog I absolutely have to get my fix of daily.

2. How many “best friends” do you have? Do you have different “besties” for different areas of your life?
I have a handful. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a large group of friends, but rather a smaller group of friends with whom I’m incredibly close (however, they aren’t necessarily close with each other, so maybe “group” is the wrong word). I’ve been friends with J. since the second day of seventh grade and she is the person I’d most often refer to as “my best friend.” A. and I have been friends since we met studying abroad, and she’s one of my best friends as well. And then S., who I’ve been friends with since she moved to my Ohio neighborhood in fourth grade, is always going to be one of my best friends – even though our lives have changed quite a bit in the past few years and we talk pretty infrequently. I have a couple other girlfriends I’m close with as well. And of course, M. is a “best friend” as well, but because he’s more than a friend, he’s not someone I often refer to as my best friend.

3. What’s your daily make up routine?
Eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow. Sometimes lip gloss. The end. Low maintenance.

4. What is your ideal girl’s night?
Depends on my mood and which girls I’m with! Sometimes I’m really craving a night in with movies and wine. Other times I really just want a night out – still something fairly laid-back, though, not a fancy upscale club or anything with a dress code. Low maintenance, remember?

5. Do you keep up with your nails/toenails or are they au natural?
My toenails are always painted. I’m cheap so I usually do it myself rather than pay for a pedicure. I don’t paint my fingernails because when I do, my nails start falling apart (I ruined them, I think, by painting them a different color literally every day or two in sixth grade). I keep them trimmed, though, and if they get uneven or jagged it drives me insane.

6. What’s your best roommate story (assuming you had a roommate at some point in your life)?
Um, my first roommate in college didn’t shower. Like, ever. EVER. She would also gallop around our living room while wearing a fanny pack. I don’t even know. There’s way more to the story, but that should paint a pretty good picture for you.

7. What’s your “go to” outfit that you wear more than anything else?
I don’t really think I have one. I guess a pair of skinny jeans, flats, some sort of shirt, and a cardigan. That’s not very specific because I have variations of each of those articles of clothing, but whatever.

8. Do you have a beauty secret?
Honestly? I think my laziness. I like to believe that my skin is decent because I don’t put a lot on my face. Then again, I might just be saying that because it makes me feel better about not knowing how to wear foundation.

9. Did you read Seventeen magazine growing up?
Yes I did!

10. How did you learn to put on makeup?
I’m not really sure. I think mostly from watching my mom. Then I just sort of… figured it out from there.


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