A few weekends ago now (I keep wanting to say “last weekend” and then realizing it was actually the second-to-last weekend in April), M. and I went to San Diego. I’d never been and we wanted to get away to somewhere warm. The city didn’t really deliver on the “warm” part, but it certainly was sunny… well, until the last day. Anyway, enough bitching about weather.

It was fantastic heading away from Seattle, even if just for a weekend. M. and I had never traveled together before; I visited him in Texas, but he was living there so it wasn’t exactly a vacation for him. I’d also never been on a plane with a significant other. I was slightly less terrified of flying (or of the ceiling blowing off the plane), but I don’t know if I’m just growing out of it or if it was because of M.

We got in on Friday afternoon and went to Balboa Park before heading to our hotel:

We had an easy dinner of pizza that night, grabbed a beer at a bar, and called it a night pretty early. When left to our own devices, we are very lethargic, slothful creatures who go to bed early.

On Saturday we spent the morning at the Little Italy farmer’s market, which was huge, amazing, and full of people, babies, and dogs. Afterwards we headed to Mission Beach for some sunshine, but alas, my imagined scenario of lying on the beach with a book and a drink was not to be. 60-degree weather and wind is definitely not conducive to hanging out on the beach.

We went to a Padres game at night, which was… interesting. I’m terrified of heights, but the only tickets left were in the super high seats. Luckily they weren’t the highest and I managed to handle it okay. Afterwards we headed back to Little Italy for dinner (and can I just say, I LOVE how close everything is in San Diego! It’s 20-30 minutes between some of the neighborhoods in Seattle, and down there things are a lot less spread-out) and enjoyed a delectable Italian feast.

Sunday was our last full day, and we figured we might as well be touristy and take the trolly tour bus around town. It was fun – and I only sort of thought we were going to die when we went over the Coronado Bridge – and we got to hang out on Coronado Beach and look at the Hotel del Coronado.

When the tour bus finished, we wandered around Old Town for quite awhile. I LOVE old things, so I was digging all the museums and setups of what the rooms looked like in all the buildings. It was cloudy and raining by this point, but after spending the past fourteen years in Seattle, I think I can handle a few raindrops. Just a few.

Later in the day we checked into our second hotel (long story involving a mix-up between the two Navy Lodges in the area, both of which ended up being very nice), took a nap, had dinner, and then I dragged him to see Water for Elephants because we couldn’t figure out what else to do.

Oh, and we’re cute (but wind sucks). 🙂


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