Wine & Love

Time for my favorite new weekly post… Wine & Love, thanks to Nora over at Walking With Nora. Here’s what’s making my heart swell & what’s making me reach for the wine glass this week…

♥ Long Facebook-wall conversations about last weekend’s night out… still being discussed on TUESDAY. I mean, after a night of jagerbombs (gross), creepy sixty-something men following us from bar to bar, glass flying into my eye, and a whole lot of ridiculous-ness, who wouldn’t still be talking about it days later?!

♥ Meeting a good friend for a much-needed dinner date (and tasty Thai food!)

♥ A coworker’s baby shower! I’m super excited that she’s having a baby girl in a few months, and after-work, coworker-filled baby showers at the local wine bar are totally where it’s at.

♥ A weekend stretched before me with no real plans. Of course, it’s Mothers Day so I’ll be visiting my family, but other than that? No schedule, no agenda, just… whatever I want.

♥ Feeling productive at work, yet not stressed out. Things are still busy but I’m feeling a little more in-control, which makes waking up and heading to work in the morning a lot less crazy-making. Getting things done is a great feeling.

♦ THE WEATHER. Yes, THE WEATHER is going to be making me drink until it finally whips itself into shape, which is looking like it’ll be approximately never because Seattle weather is the worst. We get one sunny day here and there, but the next five million days are supposed to be rainy.

♦ Trying to figure out my birthday. It’s May 27th, which is the Friday before Memorial Day. My birthday weekend is always a three-day weekend, which is kick-ass but also really crappy, because most people go out of town for Memorial Day (and it’s usually camping – gross). Therefore no one comes to my parties. This year, IF I celebrate, it’ll be the weekend before, but I’m so awkward about it. Like, what if I pick a sucky place? What if it’s lame and boring? What if everyone hates each other? I don’t have just one Group Of Friends, so it can end up being sort of awkward.

♦ Anxiety over… all the things. I realized (again) that most people really don’t stress the way I do, which is always an interesting realization. I honestly cannot conceive of a life in which I don’t spend most of my time worrying; it’s so ingrained in me that this is who I am that I just can’t bring myself to play the trial & error game with meds, etc. I just deal, but sometimes it sucks.

How are things going for you this week? Play along!

4 thoughts on “Wine & Love

  1. I hardly schedule a birthday party or plan one for myself for the same reasons… trying to get a place together that everyone will like? Nearly impossible. And I hate surprises so it’s not like people could plan something *for* me!

    Thanks for playing this week 🙂 So glad to have you!

  2. My birthday is August 6 and when I was growing up, a lot of my friends were always on vacation! It is also my childhood best friend’s grandmother’s birthday, so she always had to be with family. It was the suck. Hopefully you find something fun to do!

  3. My birthday is May 30th, so I totally feel you on the Memorial Day weekend stuff. It makes it so hard! I’m also going to try to do something the weekend before, but again, like you, I have multiple groups of friends and I don’t know if they’ll mesh well. Here’s to hoping we both have a great birthday weekend!!

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