Wine & Love

It’s Thursday… time for Wine & Love, hosted and created by Nora.

This week, I’m loving…

♥ I’m meeting up with a new (local!) BRCA friend this Saturday! She reached out to Claudia over at Previve, and because she’s in my area, Claudia shared my contact information with her. I’m slowly starting to meet a lot of BRCA+ women in this area and I couldn’t be happier about it. I even have (very tentative) plans to start a Bright Pink chapter out here within the next few months once one girl I’ve been speaking with moves back to the area. While I wouldn’t wish this crazy mutation on anyone, I really am coming to treasure the people I’ve met and relationships I’ve built. And it’s crazy being the person someone else is going to for advice… seems like just yesterday I was trying to muddle my way through all of this and thinking I’d never be okay again.

♥ The Brothers & Sisters season finale. I love that show & the finale totally made me cry multiple times. I’m nervous that the show’s had trouble getting renewed for next season, though…

♥ Winning games on Words With Friends! Yes, this is incredibly exciting for me. I tend to be really awful, so when I win, it’s very exciting and makes me feel smart.

And what’s driving me to drink…

♦ The boy is in the field this week. We usually don’t see each other during the week, anyway, but because he’s out in the field shooting things and marching 10 miles with heavy backpacks on, he doesn’t get the best cell reception.

♦ THE WEATHER. No, really. It’s STILL killing me. It’s nearly mid-May. It is NOT time for rain and wind and weather that feels like it’s forty degrees.

♦ My hair is making me crazy. It desperately needs a cut, but that seems to just be Item #3489395 on my to-do list, so I’ll get to it when I get to it.

♦ I have this awful knot in my back/shoulder area from running. I tend to tense up my shoulders all the time, whether it’s due to emotional stress or physical stress on my body (like from exercise), but since I’ve been running the past week I’ve gotten this terrible knot I can’t get rid of. I need a massage!

What are you loving this week? What’s driving you to down a glass (or five) of vino?

3 thoughts on “Wine & Love

  1. What I am loving….

    -That you have found a Local BRCA friend! What a special bond you both have already and its expecially awesome you are able to hang out in person. I hope to find some 20 some ladies here in MN to meet with. I think it’s amazing you are thinking of startinga bright pink chapter too! Have you had a Mentor through Bright Pink?
    -Also, I Love that I got back my ca125 blood test results and they were at 11.5! Perfectly normal 🙂 no cancer here:-)

    Whats driving me to drink…
    -Rain… it’s raining almost everyday here for the past couple weeks.
    -I spent on my neck wrong a couple nights ago and still cant fully turn my head to the right. :-/

    What a fun post subject 🙂

  2. I dislike bad cell phone service for sure. Also lawyers who are seemingly useless. I get knots in my back when I run too! What’s up with that?

    Right this moment I’m loving that I’m enjoying a quiet lunch at my desk, with a delicious turkey sandwich from Panera.

    Also, what is BRCA? (Apologies for not knowing if I should…)

    Thanks for playing this week! ❤

  3. Hope you dont mind if I answer Krys? BRCA1 and BRCA2 is a gene mutation that puts its carrier at a significantly increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. :-/… hense the refernce to the support group bright pink that she mentioned earlier. 🙂

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