Ten on Tuesday

Thanks to Chelsea and Roots & Rings!

1. Have you ever used Craigslist? Yes! I could probably get a few blog posts out of Things I Have Done On Craigslist, but the list entails finding jobs (including my first job out of college), finding apartments (every one I’ve lived in), finding roommates, finding friends (one of my best girlfriends actually came from, yes, Craigslist), buying/selling things, and… finding boys. That’s a doozy of a story for another day.

2. Can you sew? Not even a little.

3. Do you pour syrup on your pancakes or dip your pancakes in the syrup? I pour syrup on them, but then it sort of drizzles off onto the plate and I dip the pancakes into it.

4. Rain storms: Love them or hate them? I live in Seattle. I get enough rain on a near-daily basis that a rain storm is most like, I don’t know, Daily Life. And I hate them.

5. Do you like swimming? I can’t really swim. I can doggy-paddle enough to save my life if I’m thrown into water, but I can’t swim for sport or exercise. I’d much rather just lie in the sun and read or nap.

6. What kind of drink do you order at Sonic? We don’t have Sonic around here! There are some as you head east, I guess, but I’ve never really been. I think I got some fries once but I didn’t even think to get a cool drink.

7. Are you funny? Not as funny as I wish I was.

8. At what age will your kids get cell phones? Ooooh. That’s hard. I didn’t have one until I was eighteen and had graduated high school. I also had to pay for it – and the monthly bills – all on my own. My middle brother got one in eighth grade, and my baby brother just got one for Christmas – and he’s in sixth grade. My parents pay their bills. I probably sound bitter but it’s BECAUSE I AM. Also I’m just undecided on how this will go with my own kids.

9. What’s your favorite vegetable? Tomatoes but I guess they’re technically a fruit. Are olives a vegetable? I love them… I know carrots are a vegetable. I heart carrots, too. And asparagus and broccoli and peas.

10. Were you a Girl Scout? I was for a little while. I started in first grade, then I moved and joined a different troop until the end of sixth grade. I moved to Seattle after that and didn’t get into it out here.

Play along!


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. When I lived in Seattle I had sold things, bought things, and found jobs on craigslist. I’m selling a bunch of stuff right now on Craigslist here in portland, and I don’t know if it’s just the times or if maybe it’s Portland (not that I’m dissing Portland, I love it!) but people from craigslist have been awful! Selling things has been a real pain.

    I don’t know if Olives are a vegetable, but they’d be my favorite, too. I love olives! I even love the word.

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