weekend love

{from sean_oliver}

I’m in the middle of a beautiful, glorious weekend, full of things like…

♥ a wonderful birthday dinner with my boyfriend at The Pink Door, which I’ve wanted to try for years

♥ over fifty “happy birthday” messages on Facebook. I know, it’s “just” Facebook, but it made me feel very loved.

♥ a great Saturday-morning workout followed by a sugar-free vanilla iced americano

♥ lots and lots of apartment-cleaning in preparation for a couple fun house guests tomorrow night!

♥ catch-up coffee with a good girlfriend (who’s just returned from an amazing trip-of-a-lifetime to Israel!)

♥ a birthday dinner with the family tonight, full of lots of pizza and wine

♥ a run around Green Lake tomorrow morning with a good friend, even though neither of us are, well, good at running

♥ a night out tomorrow night with my boy and one of my best girlfriends & her boyfriend (the aforementioned house guests) who are going to be here from out of town. 160 beers on tap at the Tap House? Yes please!

♥ a relaxing Monday off, probably spent visiting my family and seeing my puppy dog

I am a very lucky girl & really couldn’t ask for a better long (birthday!) weekend. I hope all of you out in blog-land are having a beautiful weekend as well. ❤

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