important question

Dear blog friends,

I hate to use this as solely a question-asking platform, but… do you or anyone you know design blogs on the cheap? (What is the going rate on blog design, anyway?) I’m really tired of using pre-made WordPress themes and am dying for a new blog design, but I certainly can’t do that myself and don’t have time to teach myself any of those things.

Pretty please?


2 thoughts on “important question

  1. So, I really love the person who did my blog and I think she did a perfectly good job. I’d be happy to give you her contact info. That being said, I … don’t think it was worth the money. I should have just learned to do it myself, or just been happy with the way it was, as it was. Besides, I like your theme!

    • If you wouldn’t mind, feel free to send the info (and maybe the pricing info if you have it?) to Thanks! I know I probably should just learn to do it myself… but I am really bad at teaching myself things. I like this theme, too, but I feel like I see it everywhere & sometimes I want something a little more unique! 🙂

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