Wine & Love

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Wine & Love, but here we are! Thanks to Nora as always.

♥ Thirsty Thursday at work. Yep, beer at work – for free. Can’t complain too much about that one, especially since it’s become a biweekly occurance!
♥ Watching a video of my baby brother’s talent show performance. I wish I could post it here but, well, sharing family videos on my only-sort-of-public blog isn’t quite my scene. He’s in 6th grade and he & his friends did a break dancing routine for their talent show on Monday. Pretty adorbs.
♥ I’ve finally discovered Freaks and Geeks. It’s playing on Teen Nick (shut up, I watch that channel because it gives me my Degrassi fix!) and I’m excited to finally be able to watch this show I’ve been hearing about for ten years. I’m sucked in and totally bummed there were only eighteen episodes.

♦ This week is dragging. It’s Thursday and it feels like it should already be, I don’t know, next Tuesday.
♦ The crazy. It’s permeating my life in ways I really wish it wouldn’t. I’m working on it, but I’ve been more anxious the past month than I have in… well, I guess I’m always anxious, but it’s been worse.
♦ It’s officially summer, and yet… it’s 50 degrees and cloudy. Kill me.

What’s driving YOU to drink this week? What’s making your heart grow a few sizes?

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