the dreaded deployment

It’s come to my attention recently that this whole deployment thing is creeping up sooner than I’d like to think. When M moved back to the Pacific Northwest – able to do so only by adding a year to his Army contract – the next deployment seemed so far in the future. He officially moved here in August 2010 and wasn’t scheduled to deploy until spring 2012.

Even now, “spring 2012” doesn’t seem that soon. But when I realize July is nearly over, I also have to accept that summer is nearly over – and it spirals from there. M will be in the field for most of August (and let me tell you, I don’t envy having to live in the desert with no showers or decent food for three weeks!), then at an out-of-state school for half of September. Allegedly he’ll be around in October, but there could be more trips to the field, and he’ll be gone for pre-deployment training in November. He should have some leave in December (for the holidays) and then it’s 2012, and spring will come pretty quickly… if he even stays that long. I have a hunch it’ll be closer to January or February, but that’s due more to my distrust of the military’s schedule than any actual information.

The next couple months are going to be weird. I’m used to being alone during the week; the hour distance (plus traffic) isn’t worth it during the week when he’d have to wake up at 4am to get to work or I’d have to get a hotel to stay near him. But we’re always together on the weekends, and now I’ll be spending them alone – including the two weddings coming up in August. I’m not used to that, but these next few months are a reminder that I better get used to it. The deployment is looming whether I like it or not, and I suppose it’s time to get used to being “single” again.

I have a lot of things to keep me busy and don’t get me wrong, I love time to myself. But when even six to eight weeks of time apart makes me a little sad, how on earth am I going to deal with a year?!


2 thoughts on “the dreaded deployment

  1. Aw, that sucks but you can make it! My good friend is going through her husband’s year and a half deployment now and she has adopted me and another one of her friends as her “battle buddies”, someone who will do dinner, go as her “date” to places, and keep her distracted and motivated through the experience. I am non-military, and her other friend is a former military wife, so she’s got someone that knows the lingo and ins and outs and someone that doesn’t give a damn what a RBC or IIF is. Do you have some friends that could be your battle buddies?

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