Ten on Tuesday

This week’s questions are from Kara at Kara’s Chatter, and as always hosted by Chelsea at Roots and Rings.

1. Mac or Windows? (Or Linux for you super geeks!) Windows! I just cannot get into Macs.

2. What drew you to that operating system? I was raised to hate Macs. My dad has always been in IT and is a huge computer nerd, and for whatever reason he’s never been a Mac fan. Now I’m just so used to Windows – it’s the only thing I’ve ever used personally and professionally – that I don’t care to learn a whole new operating system.

3. Mice – Wireless or Wired? Mouse pad or none? I have bad luck with wireless mouses. The batteries always die too soon. I generally stick with wired but I don’t really care much. I have a mouse pad at work but I don’t use one at home.

4. Other than the Internet – What do you use your computer most for? Wow, I don’t know. Maybe listening to music?

5. What’s one computer-related thing you wish you were best at? (CSS, Photoshop, Excel, etc.) I wish I knew how to use Photoshop, period. Being better at Excel could be cool, but I also really wish I knew HTML/CSS/web design/etc. Like really a lot.

6. Describe the first time you ever used a computer. I was very young. I don’t remember the very first time, but I remember using them at school in first grade and shortly after that at home.

7. How often do you upgrade to a new operating system? Not very. My personal laptop is still chillin’ on Vista.

8. Are you a short-cutter (CTRL+C) or a right-clicker? 99% of the time I’m a short-cutter.

9. Is computer-use a constant thing in your life (such as using it both at work and home) or do you get a break (because you don’t use them at work)? It’s constant – probably too much so. I’m on the computer almost all day at work, and then playing on the internet takes up a lot of my leisure time, too.

10. Where do you think the world would be if personal computers did not exist? I don’t know, but I can’t imagine my own life without them on so many levels.

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