a whole lotta personality

I don’t necessarily put that much stock in personality tests. I mean, ranking your personality traits on a scale of 1-5 or “never” to “always” is pretty hard. I don’t know how to quantify my helpfulness or attention to detail or consideration of feelings so my answers tend to change each time I take a personality test. I also perceive myself a lot differently than I actually am, as evidenced by my recent DiSC test results.

See, I think of myself as very shy, quiet, and naïve. I see myself as constantly unsure, indecisive, and a follower. I don’t always like to speak up in meetings. I don’t always have all the answers. Yet, when my DiSC results came back as CD – conscientiousness and dominance – I realized they are pretty spot-on. I don’t know why my self-perception doesn’t match up with the truth, but I guess it never has (and that’s an issue to unpack another day).

As a CD, I value challenge, accuracy, and results. While there are other things I value in a job (enjoying my coworkers, having a boss that is not insane), I need a challenge. If I’m not being challenged in some way, I’m not going to be happy. I’ll be antsy and impatient and do anything I can to get out of there. I’m a perfectionist so things must be accurate, and there is no greater feeling than getting results – crossing something off a to-do list or finally filling a hard-to-fill job opening.

Apparently, I’m motivated by not only achieving results and reaching challenging goals, but also looking at things in a rational way, catching errors and flaws, analyzing, being independent, working with others who have high standards, quality, and solving problems. I don’t tend to think of these as my motivators, but when I look at it in comparison with what I enjoy at work, it’s the truth. I’m always the one saying “No, it’s this way” and “Actually, I think this.” I may feel awkward about it, but I do it.

As for my stressors? These were even more obvious. I don’t need a test to tell me I don’t like dealing with people who don’t meet my standards, having no private time/independence, being wrong (that’s a big one – I cannot stand being wrong), being forced to mingle with strangers (often awkwardly), giving (uncritical) feedback, and following procedures I find inefficient. The test also says I struggle with displaying emotions or listening to others’ feelings, which I don’t agree with 100%. I have tendencies to brush off others’ feelings, perhaps, but it’s not intentional and it isn’t something I really struggle with.

As a C, I fear criticism, being wrong, and half-assed methods. Yep. And as a D, I fear loss of control, vulnerability, and being taken advantage of. Yep again. I like power and competition and winning. I like learning and gaining knowledge (and as a side benefit, being the one who can speak up and say “This is the right answer” or “This is how you do it”).

I’m pretty fascinated by this whole thing and intrigued by how my style relates to my coworkers’, because they mostly fall under the S or the I. I only work with one other CD. It also amuses me that my coworkers and bosses were very quick to agree that I fit the CD profile – especially since I just didn’t see it until taking the test.

If you are interested, you can take a free one here. I don’t know how much I trust it; my boyfriend actually scored ALL FOUR, which I didn’t realize was a thing. When I took the free version, I scored C, D, and S – relatively accurate to the real test, except for the S part (although I do tend to be sensitive and look for support and/or stability, so maybe it’s true).


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