-I’m watching season 4 of Jersey Shore and it is really, really making me miss Italy. I know they’re in Florence and not Rome, but they look so similar and I loved Florence as well. Those Jersey Shore kids don’t deserve a trip to Italy – MTV, send me instead!

-Speaking of totally crappy TV, I really wish more people in my life watched Degrassi. It’s on almost every day right now and, as always, I’m totally sucked in. I think it’s the one show about which I could win some kind of trivia contest. I wish I had someone to discuss it with!

-I’m going through my “drafts” folder in Gmail and deleting things. For the past few years, it’s served as sort of a catch-all for journal entries, writings, links I want to save for later… everything. A ton of it needs to just be deleted or moved elsewhere. I’ve gotten it down from 50+ drafts to 20.

-My mom and brother are coming to hang out with me! It’s gorgeous outside so we are planning to go walking around and hopefully stop for lunch somewhere. We need to enjoy this 80-degree weather while we actually have it.

-Tomorrow I have my Junior League of Seattle provisional class retreat all day. I’m not entirely sure what this entails, but it should be interesting. I’m hoping to be able to get my life planned out and figure out when meetings are, when service shifts are, and what I can sign up for.

-This was a really exciting post, I know. I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!

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