Ten on Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday questions are provided by Rachel at Rachel Heather and hosted by Chelsea at Roots and Rings. They’re fun “would you rather?” questions – go play along and link up!

1. eat chocolate covered grasshoppers or this freaky squid thing? That squid literally just made me shudder. GOOD GOD. I would kind of rather die than eat EITHER of those things. I guess if I had to choose, I’d go with the grasshopper. It isn’t dancing, at least.

2. never see another movie or never watch TV again? Never see another movie. I don’t get that into movies but I’m slightly addicted to some TV shows.

3. be a superhero with a lame power or a supervillain with an awesome power?Probably a superhero with a lame power. I have NO powers now so it wouldn’t be any WORSE, and at least I’d still be nice!

4. eat only salty snacks for the rest of your life, or only sweet snacks? That is really hard. If I had to pick? I guess salty.

5. never read another book or never hear another song? This is an even HARDER question. I don’t even think I can answer… it’s like that horrible conundrum of “would you rather be deaf or blind?” Neither, thanks.

6. be a whale carcass remover or a sewer inspector? I would be terrified of being in a sewer. I don’t even like to walk over grates in the sidewalk because I’m scared I’ll fall in (like that girl in the movie Now and Then). Definitely a carcass remover, even though it would be kind of a sad job.

7. have no electricity or no running water? This depends. Can I use someone else’s running water? Shower at the neighbors’ or use the bathroom in the leasing office? In that case, I’d go without running water. Otherwise, I’d have to suck it up and lose power in the interest of cleanliness…

8. be a dog or a cat? A cat, but only because they don’t have to go outside to use the bathroom.

9. always be hot or always be cold? Hot. I HATE being cold.

10. be forced to watch all 3 High School Musicals on an endless loop, or the Twilight movies? Twilight. I haven’t seen High School Musical so I have no comparison.


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