National Previvor Day

Today is National Previvor Day. While some people may debate whether or not I deserve the term “previvor” (as I haven’t actually done anything to reduce my risk of cancer), I still look at it as a day for me and my fellow high-risk ladies.

To celebrate – I mean, as much as you can celebrate a day about cancer risk – I’m going to a free screening of In The Family with some of my favorite local BRCA girls. I also spent a lot of time brainstorming for something exciting a friend and I are planning – big things are in the works for the high-risk community here in Seattle, my friends!

If you’re looking to learn more about what it means to be a previvor – or how to find out your high-risk status – check out the following links:


Bright Pink Blog

Aside from poking around the internet and the event tonight, today isn’t any different than any other day – and I think that’s the best part of all. Instead of being a depressing reminder of what’s wrong with my life, Previvor Day has become a day to remember how awesome I am, how much girls like me are kicking ass, and how it’s worth “previving” so I can continue living my amazing life, BRCA included.


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