Wine & Love

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for Wine & Love! Play along (and link up over at Walking With Nora) and share what you love – and what’s making you reach for the wine bottle – this week!

♥ Florence + The Machine’s new song, Shake It Out. I can’t stop listening to it and I’m pretty excited for the album that’s coming out.
♥ The sunshine! After the first half of our summer was basically an extension of winter, we finally got some warmth in August and September. It’s still pretty nice out, which makes it a little bit more okay that the days are getting shorter and shorter…
♥ I have very little going on this weekend. This is definitely a good thing, as last weekend was super busy and I could use some time to relax!

♦ Difficult searches at work. Don’t get me wrong, I love having things to do and being busy, but I’m having the hardest time finding the right people for these jobs and it’s making me slightly crazy.
♦ Getting to the gym is hard. I keep trying to wake up early and go before work; I managed to do it Tuesday and I loved it. However, waking up is NOT my strong point in life and I’m not really sure what to do about that.
♦ CALLUSES. ON MY FEET. Someone help. Maybe I should start wearing shoes with actual support.

3 thoughts on “Wine & Love

  1. I always had issues getting to the gym. It seemed like nothing really worked. I didn’t want to get up early and after dealing with traffic on the way home…lol. I hope you find a schedule that works for you!

    • I tried so hard for so long to go running in the morning before work, but waking up early to exercise of all things just wasn’t happening, so now I work out at night instead.

      I didn’t know Florence + the Machine has a new song out! (This is what happens when you don’t live in America anymore. You miss out on cool shit.) Must find song and listen to it now!

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