yes, another post about Steve Jobs

I’m not sad about Steve Jobs because I’m a big fan of Apple. I’m not; I’ve always been more of a PC person and the only Apple products I’ve owned were iPods. I’m not sad about Steve Jobs because of the blow to the technology industry. I get that, but I think the tech industry can take care of itself. And I’m not sad about Steve Jobs because of the fate of Apple’s stock or future or innovation.

I’m sad – really, really sad – about Steve Jobs because he was only fifty-six years old. I’m sad about Steve Jobs because fifty-six is always too young, especially when you are such an incredibly innovative and talented person. I’m sad because, once again, cancer has taken someone too soon (and because pancreatic cancer runs is also what killed my grandpa).

I won’t say I wish Steve Jobs had been more of a spokesperson for cancer because I don’t think that’s his duty. He impacted the world in numerous ways and being a cancer advocate didn’t need to be one of them. But I do hope that someone out there is reading about Steve Jobs’s death and committing themselves to cancer research. To finding a cure. To not letting us lose too many more amazing people to this awful disease.

It’s 2011. It’s a world full of mp3 players and cell phones that use the internet and tablets that fly off the shelves with popularity. We’ve come so far – too far for people to still be dying of untreatable, incurable cancers.

Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs. We’ll keep fighting.

2 thoughts on “yes, another post about Steve Jobs

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. My whole life I’ve been afraid of cancer. I think Jobs would’ve been the best and most generous cancer advocator. I’m hoping his suffering is now over.

    RIP Steve Jobs
    RIP to anyone whom passed away because of Cancer.

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