Ten on Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is the best thing ever because it’s about my favorite thing, pasta! The questions are provided by Kristen at St. Monica’s Bridge and hosted by Chelsea at Roots and Rings.

1. Red Sauce or White Sauce? Red, definitely. I have to be in the right mood for white sauce, and I usually don’t love it quite enough to want all the extra calories.

2. Do you prefer pasta you can twirl or stab? Either one is fine with me, but I make less of a mess if I can stab it.

3. Baked or boiled? I’ll eat either happily, but I prefer boiled.

4. Do you like meat in your sauce or do you kick it vegetarian style? Preferably no meat, but I’ll still eat it. I don’t love meat but if there’s pasta, I’ll suck it up.

5. Where have you had your very best pasta ever? My grandma’s house. My grandma makes an amazing sauce (which is actually a meat sauce, even though I don’t love meat) and it’s just so good. There are also really awesome meatballs included, which I recently realized I quite enjoy. I also had some pretty great pasta during my travels in Italy, obviously.

6. What is your favorite pasta dish? There is this lemon pasta I adore. It’s actually a recipe by Giada DeLaurentiis from the Food Network and it’s delicious.

7. Do you serve meatballs when you make spaghetti or just do a meat sauce? I don’t know how to make meatballs (yes, I’m probably pathetic) so I don’t serve them. I do like to eat them, though!

8. Why type (rice, whole wheat, egg, etc) of noodles do you use? I’m on a neverending quest to make myself really love whole wheat pasta. I’m getting there… slowly… but it just isn’t as good to me as regular pasta.

9. What type of meats or vegetables do you put in your sauce? Again, my cooking skills leave something to be desired (actually, that’s not true – I can cook well, I am just too lazy to enjoy it) so I mostly use sauce out of a jar. I cook for one most of the time – it’s not worth the trouble!

10. Do you make a “Sunday gravy” to use throughout the week or do you just open a jar of whatever and heat it up? (No judgment on this one!) I’m all about jars of whatever.


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