Ten on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

This week’s Ten on Tuesday questions are provided by Lindsey at The Rowland Family and hosted by Chelsea at Roots and Rings as always. Go link up!

1. You’re packing for a week long vacation, do you pack ahead of time or wait until the last possible minute to pack? I always think I’ll pack ahead of time and then I don’t. I do make lists ahead of time so I make sure to pack everything.

2. Are you a light or heavy packer? I’m not a super heavy packer, but I tend to pack more than I need.

3. What are your favorite road trip snacks? I’ve never really been on a road trip so I don’t know. The farthest I’ve driven alone was just to Eastern Washington so only a few hours. I haven’t been on a real, long road trip since I was a kid.

4. Do you take any reading material along? Always. That’s one of the things I tend to overpack. I’m always afraid I’ll finish my books and have nothing to read so I bring way too many. Same with magazines if I’m flying.

5. Do you prefer to drive or fly to your vacation destination? I’m pretty scared of flying after a horrible turbulence experience a year and a half ago, but most places I want to go require flying. I’d rather suck it up and have a quick flight than a really, really long drive.

6. What is your favorite time of the year to take your vacation? I don’t know if I have one. Ideally, I’d get out of Seattle’s gross winters and go somewhere warm, but that doesn’t usually happen. Aside from the weather, I don’t really care when I go on vacation as long as I get to go somewhere!

7. Where is your favorite place to vacation? Well, my favorite place to travel is Europe – but that’s not something I can do often because I’m unfortunately not made of money.

8. You are vacationing in the mountains, what is your favorite thing to do while there? I probably wouldn’t be vacationing in the mountains, especially living so close to them, but if I did, I’d hopefully be relaxing. The only other thing I imagine doing in the mountains is hiking, which is… let’s just say it’s not my favorite.

9. You are at the beach for your vacation, do you like to take it easy on the beach or play all day in the water? Take it easy on the beach for sure. I can think of nothing better (well, not many things at least) than lying in the sun with a good book and relaxing.

10. While you’re on vacation do you prefer to eat out every night or cook some of your own meals? I really prefer to eat out. Then again, I prefer that in my daily life, too… if I’m too lazy to cook during real life, I’m definitely not going to waste time doing it on vacation!


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