Wine & Love

It’s Thursday… also known as THANK GOD IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY! It’s super foggy this morning and it’s been REALLY cold outside. Welcome to winter, I guess? Anyway, I haven’t participated in Wine & Love for awhile and thought I should. Head over to Walking With Nora to link up!

What I’m loving this week…
♥ It’s almost Halloween weekend! I’m not a huge Halloween fan, but there is something kind of autumn-y and nostalgic and fun that I enjoy about it. I’m just going up to my BFF’s house for a small party, but it should be fun.
♥ I got my hands on the new Florence + The Machine album and I cannot stop listening. So much love.
♥ I’ve officially Christmas shopping! Just a few small things so far, but I’ve made my annual “list of stuff to buy for people” and am starting to plan… I hate running around trying to find things at the last minute. Thus, I need help – what on earth do you buy for guys?! Most of the people I buy gifts for are men: my boyfriend, my dad (who has no hobbies whastoever and is impossible to shop for), and my brothers (who are twelve and sixteen). HELP?!
♥ Our fundraiser went off – mostly – without a hitch last Saturday. We raised a decent amount of money and did pretty well for having never done something like this before. The bar double-booked us with another charity so that threw a wrench in our original plan, but we made do. I also ran into my favorite bartender from college who was with the other charity.
♥ Exciting things are happening to my friends! Engagements, babies, and new jobs are happening all over the place.

What’s making me reach for a(nother) glass of vino:
♦ I am SO TIRED. ALL THE TIME. Help? It’s not anything new, exactly, but it is starting to really bug me. I have an underactive thyroid but it’s sufficiently medicated so that’s not the issue. I’m wondering if I’m anemic or something because I am always tired.
♦ My boyfriend is leaving me for the next three weeks. It’s not that big of a deal because he’s just going off for training, nowhere dangerous, but still. At least he’ll be home for Thanksgiving and our anniversarsary!
♦ I need a pedicure. And a massage. And I have no time to fit those things in. I know, life is hard.

What about you? Play along and tell me how your week is going!


One thought on “Wine & Love

  1. So tired all the time… I know that feeling. I wish I could tell you how to get rid of it! :-/ Good luck though!

    He’s leaving for three weeks?! Good God. I freak out when Mike leaves for three days. Good luck with that too…


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