Wine & Love

It feels like just yesterday I was posting Wine & Love – how has it already been a week?! Playing along with Wine & Love is a perfect opportunity to talk about what you’re loving this week and what’s making you down a glass of wine. You can link up at Walking With Nora.

♥ Halloween candy. I’m loving it a little too much, I think. Plus we had other fun goodies at work earlier this week.
♥ Making more headway with my Christmas shopping. I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that, but it makes me happy to be doing something productive and I love finding gifts for people.
♥ Starbucks has their holiday cups! I haven’t even been to Starbucks since sometime last week, but I keep seeing coworkers with the red cups. Although… one coworker had a cup that said “when we’re together, snowmen come to life” and I feel like that’s pretty creepy.
♥ I’m getting together with a girlfriend this weekend to be crafty! If it’s successful, I’ll post pictures… if not, I’ll probably post a sad little entry about how un-crafty I am.

♦ It’s definitely winter, even though it’s still technically autumn. The past couple days have been in the thirties. Brr!
♦ I have motivation issues. I just have no motivation for anything – the gym, cooking and eating healthy food, meeting up with people… all of it. None of that is new, but it gets so much worse in the winter and I’m starting to feel like I need to figure out a real solution. I just don’t know what that will be.
♦ Paying bills sucks! Rent was due, my car insurance is due this month (I pay twice a year), and I’ve had a ton of little things on which to spend money. Annoying!

How’s your first week of November going?


One thought on “Wine & Love

  1. Motivation is hard. Perhaps there’s not enough of an incentive or reward for you? If you come up with goals that are tangible and that there is a clear reward that is something you WANT, then it’ll make it a little easier. GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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