winter is here

I hate – really, really hate – how dark it gets in the winter. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in Seattle? It’s grey all day and pitch-black at night. It starts getting dark pretty early and before too long, I’ll be getting to work and leaving work in the dark. Lovely, right?

Last week, I had a massage appointment after work. I love massages and the little spa I go to is great (and covered by insurance!). They put me in a different room this time, though, and I could see out the window. It was light when I went in and while I spent an hour getting a massage, I could see the sky going from daylight to darkness.

I clearly have issues, because the anxiety was horrific. Winter has never historically been a great time for me; as long as I can remember, I’ve had unfortunate anxiety-causing experiences in the winter. Couple that with the fact that I have a touch of the S.A.D., and it means that the sky turning dark sort of crushes my soul. It’s like winter darkness is this suffocating thing descending upon me, and every year I count down to December 21st. It’s the shortest day of the year, which you wouldn’t think I’d like – but it means that every following day is just a little bit longer. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

However, as much as I hate winter, I’ve always loved the winter holidays. Thanksgiving combines a few of my favorite things: food (especially mashed potatoes!), family, and gratitude. Christmas will always hold a little of the magic it held when I was a kid.

And today? I did one of my very favorite winter things for the first time this year. While I’d realized Starbucks was using its holiday cups, I didn’t even think about the holiday drinks. Today I had a skinny peppermint mocha for the first time this fall and it was delicious. Last night, I drank some tasty spiced cider at my parents’ and remembered how much I love it.

With cozy blankets and delicious drinks like that, winter can’t be all bad, right? What other things am I missing out on? Tell me your favorite things about fall and winter!


2 thoughts on “winter is here

  1. Here I thought I was the only one that counted the days from daylight savings time to the winter solstice! Luckily the holidays do make us all so busy (maybe so we don’t notice the dark as much?) so the sun will be back in… no time. Or in however many days it is. Less than two months though!

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