Wine & Love

Happy Thursday!

As always, Wine & Love is hosted by Nora at Walking With Nora. Go play along!

What I’m Loving This Week…
♥ I can’t stop listening to Miranda Lambert’s new album Four the Record. I’m not even a big country fan, but for some reason I really like her. I love Spotify for letting me listen to things so easily!
♥ My weekend is looking pretty awesome. Tomorrow night I have an engagement party for a recently-engaged friend/coworker, then I’m meeting up with an out-of-town friend on Saturday, and Sunday is a Junior League of Seattle meeting. Somewhere in there I may try to fit a breakfast with my mom.
♥ Another fundraiser is in the works for the Seattle high-risk community. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we’re trying to partner with the local FORCE Young Women’s Group and make something happen. We are pretty excited about the ideas we’ve come up with so far.
♥ Beer at work this afternoon – can’t complain about that!

What’s Driving Me To The Bottle…
♦ Obviously what I wrote about yesterday is the worst thing of the week.
♦ And it’s annoying that my boyfriend is still gone. We won’t even be able to talk for another week. At least it’s only a few weeks until he’s back…
♦ I am having the worst computer issues at work lately. My laptop crashed twice on Tuesday, so yesterday the IT guy gave me a new one. That’s great and all, except I’d saved all my emails to a pst folder which somehow became password-protected. Now I’ve probably lost all my saved emails, which isn’t The End Of The World but is still pretty unfortunate.
♦ I need to clean all the things. Like, really badly. Someone please come clean my apartment?

Your turn!


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