and you can begin a clean new start;

I checked Pinterest to try and find ideas of what in the world I should wear to my interviews tomorrow. (Yeah – don’t let anyone tell you I don’t get things done! I have three interviews this week already – I move fast.)

This was the first thing I saw:

It pretty much sums up what I’m trying to tell myself lately. I love finding little things like this out of the blue.

Losing my job is sad, mostly because of all the amazing people I’ll no longer be spending forty hours a week with. Every time I remember that I won’t be seeing them tomorrow, that most of us won’t be seeing each other tomorrow, it breaks my heart a little.

But. There’s always a but. New opportunities bring possibility; maybe nothing will ever be the same, but maybe things will be amazing. And with all of this comes a strange sense of freedom, of being able to start over. When I started this job I was still a bit of my old self – the sad girl who was perpetually seventeen and terrified. I’m not that girl anymore, thanks in part to the past two plus years. I’m less afraid, I’m less awkward (thank God), I’m less lonely, I’m so, so much more loved than I’ve ever been.

I thought everything would fall apart. In my old life, it would have. Now? My life is still pretty amazing, just full of a little more uncertainty opportunity.


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