the things people search for…

One of my favorite things to read on blogs is the crazy stuff people type into search engines. I don’t know why, but I find it so funny and have spent many a minute laughing hysterically over the bizarre things that lead people to blogs. I check mine every so often although I don’t tend to get anything that exciting. However, there are a few that have been amusing me this evening, so I thought I would share…

Top 10 Amazing Search Terms Leading People To This Here Blog:

1. which beach boy band member asked his girlfriend to jump out a window
Um… I don’t know. And I wasn’t aware that was even a thing. Now I’m curious but Google isn’t helping much.

2. bach in ww2 where there people standing and waiting for soup soup lines
Soup soup lines! Also, yes, there probably were people waiting in some kind of line for food during WWII, but my blog likely won’t offer much insight.

3. a website that knows everybody’s name in the world
Everybody’s name in the WHOLE WORLD?! That would be pretty intense. I’m also not 100% sure what on my blog has anything to do with that… but maybe I should consider building that website and getting rich.

4. philosophy prof broke up with me dec 2009
That is really unfortunate. I don’t advocate dating your teachers, but.

5. mulling over great decisions on what to have for lunch
I actually do have to mull over that decision quite frequently, so I probably can’t judge.

6. rune factory 3 raven and i are always getting yelled at?

7. the 10 most terrifying bosses from tv and film blog
I love this so much because I’ve never written about this (the ten most terrifying, that is) but I did have a terrifying boss! Something tells me mine was actually more terrifying than those on TV and film, though…

8. thanksgiving traditions other than eating
Nope. Mostly just eating.

9. essay on keeping your head out of a window on a bus
This is one of my favorites because… why is there an essay on that? Is that something that’s an issue for a lot of people?

10. amanda knox eats
Yes, I’m sure she does. She probably doesn’t eat my blog, though.


One thought on “the things people search for…

  1. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so ridiculously hard right now! Thank you for sharing this – it is too too funny. The search terms are pure gold but your comments push it over the top. Oh wow. Thank you 🙂

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