things on a wednesday

1. Articles like this make me happy. They make me feel a lot more secure in my choice not to go to grad school. It’s not something I think about often these days, anyway, but it’s always nice to be reminded that I’m not totally screwing myself by passing up a graduate degree (which I’d be getting just for the sake of getting one).

2. It cracks me up how on TV, when a character does something bad (drinking, drugging, whatever) one time, they suddenly become an addict. It’s a very specific type of show, generally the half-hour variety (Boy Meets World was the catalyst for this post, but I’ve also seen it on Degrassi, Saved by the Bell, and lord knows what else). I’m pretty sure that when you drink once, or smoke pot once, or GOD FORBID TAKE CAFFEINE PILLS, you don’t immediately get hooked.

3. I’m baking Christmas cookies. So what if they’re the prepackaged kind you just split apart and cook?

4. This is a fun “where are they now” post that all 90s children should read.

5. Oh, the big news! I finally told the boyfriend about the blog. Crazy, right? He thought I was sort of a weirdo – not because I have a blog, but because I kept it a secret for so long. But hey – out to one person is a great start!

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