Ten Pound Challenge, week 2

I have been putting off this post out of sheer laziness. Apparently I’ve become eighty years old and getting through an entire day of work is enough to make me want to fall asleep as soon as I get home, thus rendering me way too lazy to do anything remotely productive.

Anyway, I know the Ten-Pound Challenge officially started last Monday, but that was my first day in Vegas so I wasn’t worrying about it. I ended up losing a little weight in Vegas, anyway, just from the crazy amount of walking we did (and probably the fact that I didn’t snack AT ALL because I didn’t have any snacks to eat).

I wasn’t sure how honest I felt like being about my weight. I know some people are pretty private about things like that, but my issue is a little bit less about the number on the scale and a little more about how I look. How I look is obviously visible to everyone so there’s not much for me to hide.

So. I started this challenge at about 130 pounds. That might be a lie because my scale totally sucks and I think it’s a few pounds under, but I just go with it because it makes me feel better. Right now, I’m at about 128. Losing ten pounds puts me, obviously, at 120, but I have a sick obsession with getting back to the weight I feel I “should” be, which is 112.

I weighed 112 all through high school and the first two years of college. Then I gained a bunch of weight and ended up (horror of horrors!) somewhere around 120. I’ve hovered anywhere between 120-130 ever since. Realistically, most people don’t stay at their high school weight forever. I don’t even know if I would look normal if I suddenly weighed 112 pounds again, but… I’m 5’1. That’s what I “should” weigh. Weight Watchers says I should target 107, which, really? I would look emaciated. And I’d have to replace all of my clothes and that would just be annoying, although a good excuse for a shopping trip.

So I don’t know. I know how I want to look but I don’t know exactly what number that corresponds to. I also know I want to lose at least ten pounds to get back to a weight – and body – that makes me happier and more comfortable. I’m doing it on the Weight Watchers system but with mixed feelings. When I first did WW, it was in an earlier incarnation. Then they changed it and it’s turned into a bit more of a low-carb diet, which is really difficult when you’re me and don’t eat very much meat. I don’t love the program as much, but it’s easier for me than counting calories: fruits and most vegetables are zero points and I get extra points every week to use as I wish, which are things I don’t have with simple calorie-counting.

That’s where I am currently. Two pounds down, hoping to lose eight more in the next couple months. Also hoping to finally learn the healthy way to eat but I think that’s going to be a work in progress.

2 thoughts on “Ten Pound Challenge, week 2

  1. Don’t stress too much about getting to your high school weight- your body has changed a lot since then, and isn’t meant to function the same way anymore. To know what you should weight, ask your general physician, they’d have the best idea based on your height, weight and history.

  2. I couldn’t decide what my target weight was either – I just wanted to look and feel healthy again. I’ve usually hovered between 115-120, but at my heaviest during college (122) I was also my healthiest and skinniest (a size 2 – whaa?) so I know that it depends far less on the numbers on the scale than on the make-up of your body (muscle vs fat). Maybe it would be good to focus on eating healthy and hitting the 10-pound goal, then decide from there how you feel and if you want to go on losing weight. I understand where you’re coming from with the high-school weight, but I also agree with April: don’t stress too much about that, because your body has changed a lot. Good luck 🙂

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