Apparently I haven’t posted in a month. Oops?

Since my last post, things have happened. Lots of things.

I welcomed my boyfriend back from a month and a half in an out-of-state training. He got a couple weeks off before he deployed so we were able to spend quite a bit of time together.

My parents and I threw the aforementioned boyfriend an amazing going-away party. I was pretty adamant against it at first, partially because I worried he’d hate an elaborate surprise party and mostly because I hate (like, with a passion) event planning. My parents did most of the work, but it totally kicked ass and he loved it.

I then sent said boyfriend away to a war zone. That’s an experience I’m glad I don’t have to relive. In doing so, however, I became friends with his colleague’s girlfriend so at least I have someone with whom to go through this.

My fellow FORCE ladies and I threw an event/fundraiser that went really well. We definitely beat the amount I made at the last fundraiser I did! It was pretty low-key, with a film screening, a few awesome raffle prizes, and drinks, and it pretty much went off without a hitch.

I had a surgery consultation with an out-of-state surgeon and booked a consult with another out-of-state surgeon. I’m pretty damn determined to get the surgery I want, come hell or high water. At this point, the only question is where I’ll go – but unless something insane happens, I’ll be going out of state. I think a plane ticket and hotel stay are worth my happiness and peace of mind.

My best friend (of almost 18 years!) and her husband gave birth to the most perfect, adorable baby ever. She was born this Saturday and I can’t wait to go visit in July. Tickets have been purchased and I’ve turned into the overly proud “auntie” and have already made her photo the wallpaper on my phone. ❤

My baby brother is running for middle school president. Kid's got cojones! I never in a million years would’ve been able to do such a thing at that age. Maybe he’ll run for real president someday.

Every day, I think about writing here. I miss writing, like really writing, and I don’t know how to get back into it. I know this blog is a start and I want to be better at keeping it up.

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