good things

I had a minor breakdown last night – living in an unfamiliar body with annoying pain and frustration will do that to you – but I’ve (mostly) snapped out of it. Everything isn’t terrible; yes, this One Big Thing is pretty annoying but the rest of my life is full of good things.

♥ Etsy! I’m having way too much fun shopping for friends. A good friend’s birthday is today and Christmas is coming, so I’ve been doing quite a bit of online shopping and loving every minute.

♥ The boyfriend. Someone out there must be watching over me, because after a really long time being out of pocket, M. was able to contact me the morning of my surgery. Not only that, but the night before I received a letter from him in the mail. And we’ve been able to talk on the phone and on gchat multiple times since surgery. It’s not as good as him actually being home, but I’ll take it!

♥ My friends. Seriously, so many people have been so amazing throughout all of this. I’ve received flowers, cards, gifts, visits, emails… even from people I barely know. As much as this whole process kind of sucks, it’s really nice to realize how much people care. It makes me want to be a better person so I can return the favor when someone else needs it.

♥ Family time! I talk with my parents frequently, but it’s pretty rare that I spend much time with my brothers. They’re teenagers, doing teenager things, and I’m just not cool enough to be fun anymore. Kidding… kind of. 🙂 But since I’m stuck at my parents’ house, they have hung out with me more and it’s been kind of fun. The youngest one even made me waffles yesterday. I’m never leaving!

♥ My job. I had no idea how much I’d miss working! I miss my coworkers and just being in the office, and I miss the actual work I do. Crazy, right? I keep trying to work and then having to stop because there’s no way I’m working on a PTO day! I will probably go back way sooner than I thought, if I get these damn surgical drains out and get some fake boobs to wear.

♥ My dog. This probably could be lumped in with family, but she’s awesome so she gets her own bullet point. Being at my parents’ means I’ve gotten lots of dog time, which is always a plus… even if she does bark at things at 2am and make me think a killer is outside.

♥ My voice came back! After surgery, during which they shoved a tube down my throat, I had the worst sore throat and no voice. As my throat got better, my voice got worse, to the point I was Googling permanent voice loss after surgery (me? dramatic? what?). Luckily, it’s almost completely back now and I no longer sound like I’m dying.

I thought I had more things I wanted to point out, but I sort of got tired of writing this. Suffice it to say, life really is good underneath all the stupid crap.

One thought on “good things

  1. Hey girl! I’m know things must be tough right now, but I’m so glad you’re keeping your head up. You rock.

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