day 1

I may not be able to blog every day in May (due to surgery on the 20th) but I’m attempting to participate in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. Today: the story of your life in 250 words or less.

I was born. Memorial Day, 1985. I screamed for the first six months of my life and still haven’t learned how to be quiet. I started writing at age six when my teacher sent home a note about my atrocious, remedial handwriting. Staying up late writing stories solved that problem right quick.

I lived in the Midwest until I didn’t; when my parents told me we were moving, I cried for hours. To this day I fear change and sometimes I think it’s because my life was uprooted in the formative years. I went from the countryside to a rainy suburban town with a lighthouse. I went from a happy friend-cocoon to Mean Girls.

I’ve always struggled needlessly; teased for being bad at things, I grew up believing I was a failure. Less than. Not enough. I started growing out of that in my mid-twenties. Anxiety has always been my frenemy: always around but a pain in my ass.

I went to college. I studied abroad in Italy. I lost grandparents. I met the love of my life and worried as he fought in wars. I tested positive for a cancer-causing genetic mutation. I removed my healthy breasts to prevent cancer and it caused myriad complications.

I wrote. I sang (poorly). I discovered the internet. I forged a career path. I watched crappy TV and read silly books. I loved, I changed, I feared, I cried, I grew.

I lived.

And then I wrote about it in 249 words.


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