sharing is caring

I really just want to share a link to my story on Some awesome ladies I know put this site together in conjunction with our Facebook group, and after putting it off for months, I decided to share my own story. It’s hard, when everyone seems intent on proving how great preventative surgery is […]

two weeks

Somehow today is only two weeks since my surgery. It feels like months and months, which is annoying. Ten weeks to go until they’ll start reconstruction. Sigh. It’s been… interesting. I thought I would feel totally different – in a bad way – for weeks. I expected to be tired and out of it and […]

’twas the night before surgery…

Well, here it is. The night before surgery. It’s proof that you just never know what life will bring; I expected to be terrified and a mess, and instead I’m… excited? Yeah, seriously – I’m just as surprised as you are. I hoped I would have some amazing wisdom to impart, some life-changing words or […]

one month

Yesterday was one month until my surgery date. November 7th. Most days, I still don’t feel anything either way. I’m not constantly obsessing, I’m not crying, I’m not anything. And then I read articles like this, articles that should give me hope (and, I suppose, do give me hope) but that first make me cry, […]

the other side of 50/50

I think today was the first time I really wondered what it would have been like if my BRCA results were negative. I never let myself wonder before because I knew it never would have happened that way. My dad used to tell me I should get tested, because wouldn’t it be great to know […]

Second BRCAversary

Two years ago, my life stopped. For a split second, I hung on the precipice between my old life and whatever my new life would be. Before that moment, I was the same person I’d been for almost twenty-five years; after that moment I had no idea who I’d be. And then everything started again. […]

quick update

I’ll write more tomorrow or over the weekend when I’m not as exhausted and sleepy from the two glasses of wine I just had with my mom, but I had my appointments today and, as far as anyone can tell after a mammogram, an ultrasound, and an MRI (how’s that for a whole lot of […]

leap day

It’s interesting that March 29th was the day before I learned of my BRCA status, and today is also the 29th – the day before I go in to find out if I may or may not have cancer. Tomorrow is the 1st of March, almost a month before my two-year BRCAversary. Actually, that isn’t […]