I was supposed to begin reconstruction on Monday. I’d taken time off work. I’d alerted my coworkers and hiring managers and friends. I was packing my bags for a stay in the hospital and at my parents’ house. I had all my drugs in order: Dilaudid and anti-nausea medicine and all the other post-surgery requirements. […]


I can’t believe it’s Monday – already almost a week since my surgery last Wednesday. How crazy, right? I don’t really feel like writing out the entire story of my surgery right now, largely because I’m lazy and would rather drink this coffee I have next to me. However, what’s important to share is that […]

’twas the night before surgery…

Well, here it is. The night before surgery. It’s proof that you just never know what life will bring; I expected to be terrified and a mess, and instead I’m… excited? Yeah, seriously – I’m just as surprised as you are. I hoped I would have some amazing wisdom to impart, some life-changing words or […]

one month

Yesterday was one month until my surgery date. November 7th. Most days, I still don’t feel anything either way. I’m not constantly obsessing, I’m not crying, I’m not anything. And then I read articles like this, articles that should give me hope (and, I suppose, do give me hope) but that first make me cry, […]

It’s been an interesting few days. I had this depressing entry all written up in my head about my recent surgeon drama, but the moment has passed. Suffice it to say, I had found a surgeon I really liked. Then someone I know told me they had no positive feedback about this surgeon whatsoever and […]